If you are looking for a special, beautiful and delicious Cake for the festive seasons or special occasions, perhaps you could consider having Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak), Sarawak Steamed Cakes (Kek Kukus Sarawak), Commercial Cakes, Wedding Cakes / Fondant Cakes & Gift Sets, offered by Jumi’s.

Jumi’s Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak) is always ready to

Jumi’s is providing various options of Layer Cakes for Festive Seasons, Special Occasions, Wedding as`Hantaran’ or Gift Sets.


serve you for the festive seasons or special occasions, by providing more options for you to consider. Humbly, we have producing and delivering more than 1,500 cakes since 2006, consumed by companies and individuals in Malaysia, Europe, Northern America, Middle East, Indonesia & Singapore.

Options For Your Wedding Cakes & Guest Gifts

In assisting you for your Big Day, the must have Wedding Cakes For

Jumi’s Seri Balas, a beautiful & tasty Jumi’s touch

`Hantaran, Jumi’s Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak) is offering you beautiful designs of Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak) such as Lapis Seri Balas & Lapis Tikar Mengkuang with Box Designs. We could even design a special wording (ie. Bob & Ina) on the Layer Cake which every single cut will have the words.

Jumi’s 1 Malaysia Layer Cake Presented to YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia

Prime example is the cake we had delivered which denoted Jumi’s Special Signature, 1 Malaysia Layer Cake to YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia recently. Every single cut will have the 1 Malaysia wording until the end.

Gift From the Prime Minister During the Open House at Sri Perdana, Putrajaya on 20 September 2009

Besides, if you still opt for the Fondant Cakes, Jumi s is very much happy

An elegant stylish Jumi’s Fondant Cake, suitable for Special Occasions & Wedding

to provide you with its various designs, of which the contents can be the Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak) or Commercial Cakes.

Jumi’s Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak) is also providing options for the Gift to Guests during the Wedding Day. Our offers comprises of any of our Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak) with various designs of small boxes or gift sets to the guests. We can even design & print you and your spouse name on the gift box.

Among options for you are :

Jumi's Box With Printed NamesJumi's Box With Printed NamesJumi's Wedding Gift Love Shape

Options For Festive Seasons & Other Special Occasions Such As Birthday

In summary, here are the options you might be considering for the festive seasons or special occasions :

Jumi’s Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak)

Jumi's Layer Cakes Offerings

Jumi’s Lapis Cadbury consist of Cadbury, Dessicated Coconut, Nestum, Marie Biscuits, it is a delicious cake on every bite.

Jumi’s Lapis Sisik Ikan – Jumi’s Hot Selling & Signature Product consist of kaya, horlicks, creamers & punched with sweet sour

Jumi’s Sarawak Steamed Cakes (Kek Kukus Sarawak)

Jumi’s Hati Parik, is a unique Steamed Fruit Cake, with a delicious mixture of raisins & liquid caramel.

Jumi’s Lumut Cake, a green moist steamed cake, consist of nestum, creamers is another Jumi’s everlasting taste.

Jumi’s Commercial Cakes

Jumi’s Steam Mixed Fruit Cake, is a delicious cake, consist of mixed fruit.

Jumi’s Moist Chocolate is Jumi’s Commercial Cakes Product Signature & had travelled all the way to Johor Bahru

Jumi’s also provide cakes such as Tiramisu, Cheese & Blueberry Cheese & Carrot Cakes, to name a few

Jumi’s Cupacakes offers various beautiful design and delicious endeavours,



Jumi’s Gift Set

Jumi's Gift BoxJumi's Hamper SetJumi's Hamper Set


Gift set containing beautiful Jumi’s Cupcakes

So, have you got something special in mind now? Jumi’s Sarawak Layer Cake or Cakes (Kek Lapis Sarawak) extremely welcome you to browse our website for further information.

We would also like to communicate with you on your specific and tailor

Jumi’s Lapis Tikar Mengkuang, a beautiful and delicious Layer Cake

made requirements for your upcoming festive seasons, functions, events or wedding functions, a lifetime memorable event.

Do contact us at , of which we are always ready to serve you, in assisting your preparation for the festive seasons and eventful day.

Jumi’s is very much happy to be part of customer cheerful Festive Seasons & Special Occasions celebration.

Jumi’s would also like to invite you to visit Dapur Jumi’s, a special section in this website to share our delicious and simple receipes for you to experiment your own. May you have a great days ahead!